twentyONE+ Exhibition

This Friday night 17 June is the opening of  twentyONE+
I am delighted to have work in this exhibition and also to have been a part of the dynamic committee that has brought this exhibition together over the past 18 months. Our small team headed up by the amazing Jan Mullen has been a pleasure to be part of thanks to her inspiring vision for this fabulous exhibition.

The Western Australian Fibre and Textiles Association (WAFTA) is excited to present twentyONE+, an exhibition of artists working in the field of contemporary Australian textiles. This exhibition runs from June 18 to July 7 2016 at Spectrum Project Space and explores and celebrates the emotionally evocative, tactile, sculptural and sensory qualities of fibre and textiles.

An on-line catalogue can be accessed at

Participating Artists: Zoe Barry, Marjorie Coleman, Rebecca Corps, Margaret Ford, JanHolland, Janie Matthews, Alana McVeigh, Jan Mullen, Glenys Mann, Annette Nykiel, Marianne Penberthy, Trudi Pollard, Jody Quackenbush, Emma Seaton, Annie Shelley, Robi Szalay, Helen Ting, Katrina Virgona, Anne Williams, Kate Weedon-Jones, Louise Wells.

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