Two down

I have now completed and entered work in two juried exhibitions and I am currently working on a third with an early April deadline. My major (and most exciting) project for this year, the MELD group exhibition now has a confirmed venue and date. It will be held in October at Showcase Gallery, Northbridge. Fellow MELD members Julie, Margaret and Liz are all busy working on their pieces for the exhibition. I will need to start VERY soon…

Below are work in progress photos of the first completed work.The gorgeous Dupoin Silk is printed with a screen made from old family letters and a simple block line stamp.

Slik Prints 2Silk prints 1The under layers of a lot of my works are polyester satin with transfer prints. In the finished works you only ever see very small cut away sections. Most of the pattern is hidden for ever. I have used fabric crayon rubbings from lead light windows, floor boards and texture rubbing plates I have made from glue on cardboard to create the line patterning.Poly prints 1

Poly Prints 3Poly Prints 7Poly Prints 6Poly Prints 5Poly Prints 4The fabrics were sewn together and then sections were cut away to reveal the under layer. These strips have been cut to shape ready to piece together. The final work will be revealed…later!Cut sectionsCut sections 3Cut Sections 2


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