Waiting, but busy

My exhibition Of Our Time – Ordinary Lives opens in one month today!

This past month has been spent writing a catalogue essay, labeling and choosing images, organising layouts, writing lists for guests and floor sheets…all necessary for an exhibition, but lacking the somewhat meditative process of making. My evenings in the studio usually consist of continuing from where I left off on my current project. It wasn’t until my work was finished, that I realised how much I need this and how bored, frustrated and lost I felt. I picked up this set of samples/experiments that have been sitting around for a while and started some simple stitching. What a lovely distraction from essay writing 🙂  With the essay submitted, late last week the lovely Anne Williams gave me a private tutorial on making artist books using Coptic Stitch binding.

I was delighted with the potential and made another using one of my art cards and used transfer print papers.I plan to make a limited edition of Artist books for my exhibition.On a sad note, this is the last issue of Down Under Textile magazine. The publishers have found it is no longer economically viable. A sign of the times for print publications, but still very disappointing for the readership and textiles in general in Australia. So many of us have had the opportunity to have our work featured over the years. I am especially grateful to Editor Kate Oszko for inviting me to write for the magazine over the past 18 months.





3 thoughts on “Waiting, but busy

  1. You have picked up Coptic Stitch book making with your usual flair for finding what you need to know and gettting a handle on the technique efficiently. The limited edition books at your exhibition will be treasured by those lucky enough to buy one. (I’ve had a glimpse of the contents…)
    It is very disappointing that DownUnder Textiles will no longer be published. Nothing replaces the pleasure of sitting down with a cuppa and being inspired by what is happening in Australia, and recognising names and images. The Fibrant group was very pleased with our coverage – best image I’ve seen of one of my pieces. Plenty of money for sport….and the young….what about the lively mob of textile artists who are generally female and a bit more mature (in years anyway.)

  2. Those samples look interesting. What a shame about DUT – paper mags have a place all their own that digital mags cannot replace I think. I am so looking forward to your exhibition – you have certainly put in the hard yards! Even down to making some limited edition catalogues by hand – your stamina astounds me every time you post.

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