When it’s Time to Let Go

Marie Kondo says ‘’If it doesn’t bring you joy, or isn’t useful, let it go” However, what if that is how you feel today, but not next week or in a year? And how many times do you throw something out to find you need it the next week?

My studio has turned into a box room, there’s barely enough room to work. I have a large table, yet work in a small space surrounded by stuff.

A small reprieve between deadlines gives me time to actually look at the space rather than the work right in front of me. What do I really need? What materials and tools are needed for my art practice and what is a long past dream, left over from previous projects, workshops, was a maybe that never happened…what did I accumulate on a whim?

Will I really ever use most of the stuff in here? Will it make me feel a whole lot better to have a more organised or freer space? A bigger studio is always the dream, but is it necessary or just an excuse to get more stuff?

I do keep all the little jewel off cut bits of fabric from my work, and have made artworks from these.  Image – Days .

I collect and have made work from family clothing, recycled doilies, tea towels and blankets…

I do know the need for a good range of supplies to create my art. But what about the dozen sample bottles of perfume, boxes of buttons, computer wire, CDs, envelopes, paper, 100s of empty cotton reels, 5 kg of green flower sequins, tie linings, a garbage bag full of collars, cuffs and seams from 85 shirts, felt scraps, foam, tulle, polyester organza…

2 days later I have piles of stuff to give away to our local Buy Nothing Group, the Op Shop, Fibres West garage sale and a big bag for the bin. My studio is now neat and tidy and spacious! The much loved artworks  on  the  wall  by:  Betsy  Bush,  Justine  Row,  Josh Wells, Jaslyn Pearse,  Helen Jones,  Amanda  McCavour,  Wendy Lugg,  Jan  Mullen,  Anne Williams,  Anne  Johnson,  Pauline  Franklin,  Mo  Kelman,  Marianne  Penberthy,  Gail  Hawes,  Eveline  Kotai  and  Katrina  Virgona.????Supplies are back together in LABELLED boxes, I have a storage system for my artworks, and ALL of my 2m long table is usable again????It’s such a good feeling.

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  1. Seeking a supervisor to make room in my studio for the extra stuff removed from storage (been there since 2007). Help! Di

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