Where to now?

I now have time to ask this question of myself…after eighteen months on WAFTA’s twentyONE+ committee (the exhibition closes today) and the back to back making of works over this time for various exhibitions has stopped. I’m partly at a loss, whilst also imagining ALL the things I could be doing and ALL the directions I could be going.

What I do know is that the balance needs to shift…not to a past version, but a workable reset. Don’t get me wrong I have really valued the experiences and opportunities working on the committee…I eagerly put my hand up as I knew the professional development, the connections and working with wonderful women would far out weigh the time spent. (I really think people underestimate the tremendous value in volunteering). Working back to back on projects “Chain Smoking” as Austin Kleon calls it, is invaluable for developing ideas, preventing procrastination and building a body of work. Am I tired? No, just the life balance is out of whack.

InTensionI made this work for InTension in 2011 it is a record of 100 days of my life in 2010, each rectangle represents one day and the activities I did that day. Initially to discover how much time I spent in the studio (the pink bits) also the work, washing, running kids around…well you can imagine the numerous and variety of activities women with children at home attend to. A version of this is still my life, so keeping a balance is very important.

In the last few weeks I’ve taken time to consider and research a new body of work (even made a very small piece – 10 x 10 cm). imageThis currently has no purpose, other than a response to ideas on this busy and full life. There is PLENTY to work on here 🙂

Keeping this new balance will become difficult as the calls for entries start to arrive…

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  1. You’ll sort it all in no time. Your ‘volunteering’ support has been very much appreciated by all in Wafta. You’re a Star.

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