White – A blank canvas; it’s very hard to make the first mark

 Colour Project – White Part 2

Some artists say it is easier to start a piece by making random marks on a pristine new canvas/fabric, than trying to make the perfect first mark…I’ve jumped in, started, should have used a frame for this first sample…

White is formed by it’s surroundings, from it’s connection to other colour, otherwise it doesn’t exist. The first samples of this project are using sheers, adding stitch and texture.

They needed to be photographed on a dark background to be seen as white. Other wise they disappear or become dark to a light background.



Chenille technique, various stitching and cut away.

Crystal Organza above, this and next two.






This is worth trying on more stable fabrics.

Frays VERY easily.






Has potential – vary widths, amount of fray, vary threads…needs a closer stitch length for stability.





Sample from my Naturally piece “Ripples of Light”. 5 layers of silk organza.  Central layer, slashed both sides. Much closer weave fabric.




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