Why Pink?

Colour Project – Pink, Part 2

Why Pink? – I have been asking myself this question.  I have worked through the primary colours, red, blue, yellow, the secondary purple, orange and  green, the obvious black, white and brown, and indigo was a natural choice for a textile artist. Then there were two months left for the year….pink seamed like a good idea at the beginning of this year…I came across a book on fabric style origami so that has been my starting point.

These are two macrame style braids incuded in the book  – actually quite useful..

Little stars, quite thick due to the size and double layer of fabric.

This  piece is a little larger with less folds so works a bit better.

I was inspired by the stunning fabric sculptural works of french artist Simone Pheulpin when I saw her work in a textile magazine recently. I’ve used an old sheet from the Salvation Army shop that I dyed in “Fushia” dylon dye.  The wrapping technique, very basically, involves long strips of fabric folded in half length wise and rolled, folded back and pinned.

The folds in these samples are sometimes held with pins and sometimes by the next roll of fabric.

I’ve used three shades of pink in differing combinations to make these rolls.

The final pieces in this set have been printed with a variety of stamps. I had thought of unwinding the rolls and re-winding to see the effect…

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