Hi-Vis is the new Black. Far beyond the needs of our emergency service and heavy industry workers to be illuminated for safety reasons at their work environments, Hi-Vis has become standard dress code for all and is now worn in all sorts of places, including the super market, when walking the dog, and when travelling on an airplane. With the saturation of fluorescent yellow, green, orange and reflective tape in our community this glamorous outfit asks, Has our ability to be seen become diluted? How do we now stand out from the crowd? Hi-Vis on the dance floor?

Materials and assembly

Hi-Vis t-shirting, reflective tape, Iron-on Violene interfacing, threads, bias binding, Rigilene polyester boning, fence wire, sun visor wire, fishing clips, plastic tubing. Assembly: Machine and hand stitched

Models – Rayne Embley, Tyler-Rae, Olivia

Photographer – Travis Hayto, @lightsource_photography, Josh Wells