“To send light into the darkness of mens’ hearts, such is the duty of the artist”

This Robert Schumann quote was the initial inspiration for this work. At times, life overwhelms us, a suffocating, dark cloud obscures our view, hiding a way out. Over time, through experience, we develop a strength and resilience which shines light onto our darkness. We find our silver linings, seeds of ideas and ways forward. Although the connections look fragile, over time these small glimpses of colour and hope from within, representing new opportunities and beginnings, ways to do things differently, form a strong foundation.

1200+ circles, each a stitched together sandwich of: permaset ink-stamped fabrics, silks, transfer-printed polyester satin & denim, then cut away. Free machine embroidery on wash away substrate connects the circles. Tulle cloud, partially hand-dyed is constructed with Tutu techniques. Shoes spray painted over a free machine embroidery stencil.


Images courtesy of the City Of Mandurah, photographer Stephen Heath Photography  & @lightsource_photography