This work is inspired by a visit to Boola Bardip, the new WA Museum. I saw the stunning Walteria flemmingi specimen on display. It is a basket-like deep-water glass sea sponge, and the only specimen found in the Indian Ocean. Like many glass sponges it has beautiful and elaborate lace or lattice-like patterns.

They filter their body volume of sea water numerous times per day. It reminded me of the volume of input we need to filter each day, through all our senses. The news, social media, the influence of others, all have an effect on our well-being. As does the air we breathe, the sights we see. This work looks at what we filter and also what we hold onto. Some thoughts and memories we embrace, some become trapped, and others slip through. As we age some fragments of memory become lost no matter how hard we try to hold onto them. In the current times we need to be careful of what we hold onto and what we allow to pass through. Our life quality will be determined to some extent by what we choose to hold on to and what we can allow to pass through.