The Colour Project: November – Pink

In November I worked with Pink. Many of the samples here have had an influence of my work over the years since the project. Cut away technique, folding and wrapping… A book on fabric origami was my starting point.

These two macrame style braids were in the bookLittle stars, quite thick due to the size and double layer of fabricA little larger with less folds works a bit better

I’ve used an old sheet from an op shop and dyed it with “Fushia” dylon dye. The wrapping technique involved long strips of fabric folded lengthwise and rolled.Folded back and pinned

Three shades of pink

Printed with a variety of stamps

Cheap acrylic felt cut into strips then layed out, twisted and machine stitched. The felt doesn’t fray which can be an advantage.Further experiments in silk dupion, single layer cut on the diagonalTwo shades of silk bonded together and cut with the grainHand stitching french knots to secure the twists

Some samples of cut away layers of fabric. The layers have been stitched and cut away, repeating as each fabric has been added.Bonded fabric origami piece

Rows of  folded silk trianglesReverse of the squares above, all layers stitched through at the beginning, with more stitching and cutting, progressing to the middleLoose folds, creating a softer version of previous samples

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