The Colour Project: January – White

2022 marks 10 years since I completed The Colour Project.

This is what I wrote at the time-

For 2012 I have taken on the challenge of a daily personal colour project.

I will explore a different colour each month starting with White throughout January. The challenge is to do something related to that colour everyday. To read, write, discover and explore lots of textile ideas.

This is purely experimental, flow of ideas, not finished pieces. Some will work and be great as a bank of references for future artworks…others will not. That’s ok.

At the end of 2012, I had 5 A3 files full of samples. Follow the links as I add them Month by month throughout 2022.

January – White below

February – Black

March – Yellow

April – Blue

May – Orange

June – Brown

July – Red

August – Green

September – Purple

October – Indigo

November – Pink

December – Shadow

Some of them are great, others so so. Looking back I can see the true value of this project. I tried almost every technique I could think of, experimented with the art supplies I had purchased and never used, followed instructions in books I had never opened. I worked out what materials and techniques I love to use and also what I will never use again. Here are the white samples. Many of the hand stitched pieces were completed while on holiday in Kalbari, Western Australia.

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