Today, marks two years of daily walking. Started purely to improve my fitness levels and lose some weight, I chose to walk the hilly paths around my suburb rather than the most scenic. I walk the same path every time. This walk routine is the way I ease the aches in my back from the previous day in the studio, it is often the only time of the day I have to myself. “Don’t you get bored?” I’m often asked. “No, it’s the opposite”. I don’t have to think about where to walk, I don’t have to bargain with myself about how far I will walk, my mind is free to think. I walk, notice, think, take photos.
It is those small insignificant things I’ve noticed and thought about over the seasons that has led to the inspiration for most of my work over the past two years.
So, I am delighted to announce that in collaboration with my dear friend, fellow walker and amazing artist Anne Williams, our exhibition “It’s a Matter of How You Look at Things” opens at Mundaring Arts Centre on Friday 4th February.To see many more images of my daily walk see my Instagram page

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