A Ruthless Cull

My studio was a disaster.

A good sized room, however filled with so much stuff I couldn’t find anything, boxes and boxes and boxes…you know “that’s a good box, it could be handy”… And piles and piles of stuff that meant I only had a small space on my large table to work.

I’ve been thinking for quite a while as to how better organise the space and over the past two weeks (1 of those in iso) I have cleared out my studio, painted, cleaned, sorted and ruthlessly culled. Boxes of stuff have gone to Buy Nothing, FibresWest Garage sale and various friends and family.

In the process I realised I have never actually planned this space, it was a “Parents Retreat” for a short while, then a workspace/guest bedroom and slowly became my dedicated studio. I’ve tidied up and sorted on many occasions after the completion of major projects, but never had the time to pull everything out and only bring back what I actually wanted in the room.

Whilst painting I moved my 2m long table into the middle of the room and after talking to a few textile friends realised it would probably work much better there with access all round. So far it does.Dedicated admin area.Full access to my design board. I’m loving having my vintage Singers on displayA guest chair. Studio Supervisor

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