Birds on a Wire

It’s a quiet time of day except for other walkers, a few cars and the sounds of trains in the distance. Birds call and fly about. At one house, there are Pigeons lined up on the electrical wires…waiting. Doves, Crows, Magpies, and Mudlarks, form a pecking order vying for space in the trees nearby. Ibises, and occasionally ducks, nibble at the grass. Only the Pink & Greys and Corellas dare to share the wires with the pigeons. I began to question whether the many introduced pigeons enticed to be here were overtaking the native birds. Using recycled silk clothing, sewing off-cuts and vintage fabrics such as kimono silks, Birds on a Wire is a record of the number and types of birds seen each day at this spot waiting to be fed. On show at Mundaring Arts Centre until 3 April

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