Marjorie Coleman was the guest speaker at the WAFTA meeting earlier this week. She is a founding member of WAQA (Western Australian Quilters Association) and the OZ Quilt Network. She has created an amazing body of innovative work over the past 40 years, initially using the quilt medium and later as she said “taking the thread for a walk”. She has exhibited thought Australia, USA, Europe, Japan and the Middle East.

I particularly love her artist statement (here with permission from Marjorie) –

It seems to me to be quite important that what we make reflects ourselves. Whether we stitch or whether we hammer seems to be not as important as the fact that we are giving shape to our sensibilities, colour to our insights.  And when we are bored or desperate or overjoyed or curious, we have a special activity into which we can channel energy, with which we can express our deepest hurts and losses, our greatest joys and loves.

We can, in a special sense, make our words flesh. We, who can make, are the lucky ones.”

© Marjorie Coleman 2014

I have just made public on this website an Inspirations page. It consists of quotes that inspire me and photographs I have taken on my travels, down the road and overseas. My hope is that like Marjorie’s statement, some of these others might inspire you too.

imageI took this photo at Monterosso al Mare, one of the 5 small villages that make up Cinque Terre, Italy. I was told that earlier that day an Australian couple gathered the rocks together to make this gorgeous artwork. Another version of Sculpture by the Sea!

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  1. Yes Louise, Majorie’s talk and her artist statement really struck a chord with me also. I love your photo too.
    Liz and I went to art gallery today and saw Mariko Mori’s exhibition. It was stunning! You will love it. It’s on until 29 June. Julie

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