MJAC Artist in Residency

In conjunction with the Stitched & Bound exhibition, Midland Junction Arts Centre is hosting an Artist in Residency program until 5th November. Anne Williams, Julie Devereux and I were pleased to be a part of the program from Wed 5th – Sat 15th October.

My work on display

Anne’s work

Julie’s work. Rust and naturally dyed silk scarves.

The residency program has been a great success, both for us individually and bringing new and repeat visitors to the gallery over the length of the show. We had nearly 300 visitors over the two weeks. It has been a space for fellow textile friends and colleagues that we haven’t seen for a long time to come to visit. This sharing and connection have been missing over the past couple of years.

I slowly progressed on the hand work stages of a large piece during the residency, demonstrating the processes and talking about the next steps.

The Sweet Sixteen, on loan from Handcrafters House, which I had never used before, was of much interest to most people who visited, some because they were familiar with it, and shared their knowledge, tips, and tricks, one lady even gave me a demo. Other people had no idea how it worked and this became an introduction to the various quilting machines, the process of my work and to the surprise of many that you had to stitch by hand, that it wasn’t computer controlled.

We bounced ideas off each other, experimenting with techniques inspired by visitors and gained a much better understanding of each other’s work. Julie and Anne talking to some of our many visitors.

We all know each other well, this environment and length of time spent together has strengthened our connection. I do feel in time this residency will show to have had an influence on the development of new work in our individual art practices.

The have a go table was a great success. Anne Williams (below) invited people of all ages to sit and stitch, some staying for a couple of hours, others coming another day to stitch. Many people enjoyed the opportunity to just sit and chat in this space.Artwork by Anne Williams

Julie Devereux at work, below a sample of her plant dyeing.All good things come to an end. The space is now ready for the next artists.


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