It’s a wrap!

Over 9 months of research, planning, creating artworks and logistics, and now this project Suburban Secrets has come to an end. Well almost. We are finishing making a film about the project, due out later in the year.

Here area few more photos of Pub to Pub – A Street Scape.


We’ve had a short holiday to the WA Great Southern town of Albany.I’ve crocheted several scarves, had a big tidy up in the studio and am now  back to work.

I posted about those scarves on social media, how I needed to clear my head space to help me get back to working in the studio. People are amazed that this cleared my head.

I usually, as Austin Kleon calls it “Chain smoke onto the next project” lighting or starting the next project off the back of the previous. It’s either the idea that has been mulling around in my head that I’m itching to get started, the next deadline is near, and often the piece I’ve been working on has lead to lots of ideas about how I could take this work further…I don’t get blocks to starting, I simply start. Sometimes it works, often the idea in my head doesn’t translate, but I manage to work and keep working through the process.

This time, I couldn’t start, I also had lots of loose ends to tie up…felt exhausted…and I really felt the urge to crochet. So I bought some lovely merino wool and have had a glorious few weeks. Busy hands, quick turn around, straight forward projects. AND it really helped!


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